Youth Softball wraps up 2014

Another season for the South Cowichan Youth Softball Association wrapped up at the Kerry Park ball fields last Sunday.

The SCYSA fielded at least four teams in all but one division, with participants ages 5-19.

"We had about 220 kids this year, so that’s not bad turnout," past president Dalyce Waldner said.

The SCYSA handed out awards in each of its oldest three divisions. In the majors (16-19), Mill Bay Storage took the championship over HyperActive Developments, while South Cowichan Storage was named Most Sportsmanlike Team.

In the seniors (13-15), Heritage House Trophies topped Shawnigan Jet Ski. Heritage House was also named the Most Sportsmanlike Team.

In the intermediate division (10-12), Mason’s Store beat Drillwell Enterprises. Mason’s Store was also named the Most Sportsmanlike Team.

Also on Sunday, the younger players, ages five to nine, got their medals and wrapped up the season.

Proving that the SCYSA is entrenched in the community, kids who have aged out of the program have started bringing their own kids back to play.

Registration for the 2015 season will begin next March. The SCYSA is always looking for volunteers to coach or do other duties. For more information, visit