ICF does not get government money to operate

I am not sure how I could be more precise.

  • Aug 11, 2020

Not all addicts come from trauma

In my I became “addicted” to nicotine and alcohol simply because it was the cool thing to do

  • Aug 10, 2020

My dying maple tree: firewood, or climate change fighter?

The carbon cycle within forests is no longer healthy due to damage by global warming events

  • Aug 10, 2020

My name is Icel. No, I’m not a terrorist.

To stop bullying it is necessary that we, who make up the majority, put our names out there

  • Aug 10, 2020

Back to the Future: 1992 study reveals recreation, ecology, viewscapes trump logging in municipal forest reserve

put the lie to claims that continued logging is the highest and best use of our forests

  • Aug 6, 2020

Derisive driver makes fun of masking

The target of his remark was a driving instructor

  • Aug 5, 2020

Progressives have long history with eugenics

Eugenics was thought of as cutting edge science.

  • Aug 5, 2020

Mandatory rehab needed for drug addicts

Is it their ‘freedom of choice’ for these people to be beaten down by their own afflictions?

  • Aug 5, 2020

E & N a loser as a rail line

I think the message is clear, this organization cannot make a profit for the government

  • Aug 5, 2020

Why is N. Cowichan taking point on regional RCMP facility?

To now include Forensic Identification Services and South Island Traffic!

  • Aug 5, 2020

Engagement on forest reserve should be narrowed

I have started an outline of an MNC peoples engagement hierarchy list

  • Aug 5, 2020

Concerns from neighbours of proposed supportive housing project

There are numerous 55 plus condos in the area

  • Aug 5, 2020

Faith based medicine has deep, important roots

The issue of the Hamlets policies pertains solely to MAID

  • Aug 4, 2020

Save the last of B.C.’s endangered forests

The last of these highly endangered, globally rare ecosystems are being logged to the brink

  • Aug 4, 2020

Generous Jean saved lunch

I realized that I had forgotten my wallet.

  • Aug 4, 2020

No ‘hateful rant’, just facts

If there is “hatefulness” in Lowe’s letter it is towards the dealers

  • Aug 4, 2020

Investigation needed into accusations against Staples

National practice of politicians using public money to blatantly support their personal interests

  • Aug 4, 2020

Not feeling safe in the community

How is giving an addict safe, free drugs supposed to help them kick their habit?

  • Aug 4, 2020

Sentence in dog abuse case ridiculous

He should be made to pay restitution for her medical bills.

  • Jul 30, 2020

Letter misconstrues what ‘progressive’ is

He throws a whole bunch of terms together and brands them the result of progressive thinking.

  • Jul 30, 2020