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All I want is a Big Brother

December always brings about thoughts of giving and sharing time with family and friends.
There is a big list of boys waiting for a Big Brother.

December always brings about thoughts of giving and sharing time with family and friends. For Big Brothers Big Sisters, this time of year reminds us that there are many kids whose Christmas wish is for someone to spend time with.

Currently, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Cowichan Valley has 17 Little Brothers waiting to be paired with a Big Brother — some of these boys have been waiting literally years for a mentor!

"I have been waiting five years and I really want a Big Brother," says 10 year old Little Brother Tavion.

At BBBS, we want to make Christmas wishes come true and find male mentors for these boys. Although BBBSCV is lucky to be supported by many volunteers, the real need is for males to volunteer to be Big Brothers.

"The agency has been low on male mentors for a long time, the board of directors and staff are working hard to change this, we know how much these kids need a positive male influence and it's heartbreaking to see them wait," reported executive director Erin Generous.

Males tend to shy away from mentoring, even though they have so much to offer, she said.

"Recruiting male mentors is our greatest challenge," reported Generous. "We highly encourage you to check it out; there is a variety of program options that fit many different time commitments."

Being a Big Brother is easy, she said, all you have to do is be yourself! Spending time with a boy between the ages of six to19 is nothing more than hanging out and taking part in activities you both like to do. Maybe it's working on computers, riding bikes, playing catch, going to a hockey game, working out at the gym, fishing, building something, playing sports, hiking, or just watching cartoons.

It's not about spending money, she assured, your time is the gift.

"With as little as one hour of your time per week, you could be making a huge difference in someone's life," Generous said.

Learn more about the programs by calling 250-748-2447 or visiting Or, visit Big Brothers Big Sisters on Facebook and Twitter.