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Ron Price

Jan 23rd, 2023

Gary (aka Pygmy) Merrett

Jan 18th, 2023

Reginald Garry Lowery

Jan 18th, 2023

Vicky O’Brien

Jan 15th, 2023

Thomas Tams

Jan 14th, 2023

Although it may take some time to get used to your hearing aids, wearing them should never cause you pain. It’s important to take it slow when you’re adjusting to new hearing aids.

Do hearing aids hurt?

Hearing aids are highly valuable for people who have hearing loss, but…

    Richmond-based KABU Ride has launched their Victoria-area ride-hailing app, and drivers and passengers are loving the convenient, empowering service.

    Need a ride, Victoria? What about a side-hustle?

    Made-in-Canada ride-hailing app moves passengers, drivers, from Langford to downtown to Swartz Bay