The coalition is all about food security. (Citizen file)

The coalition is all about food security. (Citizen file)

At 10 years old, Coalition wants your help to fight food insecurity in Cowichan

As it celebrates a decade, the Cowichan Food Security Coalition is looking for some new blood.

As it celebrates a decade in the Valley, the Cowichan Food Security Coalition is looking for some new blood.

CFSC is a group of individuals from various backgrounds that come together monthly with the goal of getting everyone concerned with food security on the same page, and getting regional policies and food projects off the ground.

The Coalition, which has been working together in the Cowichan region for 10 years now, is hosted by the Cowichan Green Community. Its members have worked collaboratively on several food security projects including the Cowichan Food Charter, yearly food security report cards and encouraging gardening and other food production activities.

“The Coalition currently has their eyes on beginning a food redistribution project,” said food security coordinator Jennifer Dorby. “There is a need in the Cowichan region to use produce from stores that are being tossed into the compost, being fed to animals and sometimes even being put into garbage cans due to new inventory being received. With the growing global awareness that we waste 40 per cent of food grown and the high percentage of child poverty in Cowichan it is important to feed people first.”

With many projects on the go, the Coalition is looking for people who have skills or a desire to help achieve the goal of bridging the gap of food insecurity in our region. If you have experience with feasibility studies, program implementation, have access to a delivery truck, warehouse, cold storage unit, processing facilities or are a concerned citizen wanting to partake in this project, this is a call out to you.

Monthly meetings are drop in and happen on the third Tuesday or Thursday of each month in the Cowichan Green Community Board Room at 360 Duncan St. To learn more about the CFSC or to visit this year’s schedule please visit Please contact Jennifer at 250-748-8506 or for any inquiries.