Juno award winner to perform at Malahat Nation Gala

The Malahat Nation is setting the table for its honoured guests.

The Malahat Nation is setting the table for its honoured guests. They are hosting their fourth annual Gala Fundraising Dinner Event on Oct. 28 at Bear Mountain Resort and Spa, with proceeds going towards a new daycare centre.

The new location this year allows guests to participate in a golf tournament during the day, before attending the red carpet reception and dinner in the evening. The event will also feature performances by Juno award-winning artist George Leach whose album Surrender won Aboriginal Album of the Year in 2014. Acclaimed ventriloquist and puppeteer Buddy Big Mountain will also perform.

As a small but vital aboriginal community, the Malahat Nation is planning to build a daycare centre for its children with the proceeds from the event.

“Our Nation’s future begins with the children. We want ours to have the same early education opportunities that are available in more urban centres so our kids have an equal start beside their non-aboriginal friends when they start school,” said Malahat Nation councillor Vince Harry. “Once built, the daycare will provide nutritious meals, a caring environment, and a respect for cultural teachings as well as contemporary ways.”

Over the past three years the Malahat Nation Gala has become well-known for its aboriginal art auction. This year’s gala will continue the tradition of featuring works from recognized artists as well as a number of new rising stars.

“The Malahat Gala Art Auction has featured some really fabulous artworks in the past and it’s one of the few successful art auctions that I know of on the Island,” said Cam Drew, Vancouver Island’s popular auctioneer.

A limited number of business and corporate Gala sponsorships are available. For more information, visit www.malahatnation.ca/gala2016