Mentoring creates connections for youths

Together We Are Possibility: Words cannot explain how rewarding being a Big Buddy has been to me.

Words cannot explain how rewarding being a Big Buddy has been to me.

I have recently finished my third year of the Bachelor of Education Program through VIU. The program suggests that students volunteer with children, and the first opportunity I thought of was Big Brothers Big Sisters. I had heard about this program and had wanted to be a part of it for a while.

I became a Big Buddy in December of 2014. There are so many amazing parts to being a Big Buddy, but the most important is making a difference in her day.

My Little Buddy would ask if I could come every day, as she thoroughly enjoyed our time together. She couldn’t wait for Monday morning because she knew I would be coming. At first I was nervous to meet with her. I wanted her to like me, and enjoy our time together, and that she did. When it came to deciding what to do, I never told her what we were going to do; I always let her choose our activities. She loves to be outside, and loves art. We wrote and illustrated a book together. We made a game board, and played Candyland every visit. We’d play on the playground, and chat about life.

By the end of our time together she has become a Little Sister to me. She would confide in me, and let me into her life. I feel that I have taught her lots, but it goes both ways. She has taught me a lot about myself as well. This program is so amazing and rewarding. You are making a special bond with an amazing little person, and it is a friendship I will cherish for life!

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