Favourites return in ‘Jeeves’

Masterful mischief and meddling? Do we hear the name Jeeves?

Masterful mischief and meddling? Do we hear the name Jeeves?

You bet we do.

The Chemainus Theatre Festival revives two beloved characters in Jeeves Intervenes, which opens Sept. 11 and runs until Oct. 3.

Beloved British author P. G. Wodehouse penned stories of the well-born but flaky Bertie Wooster and his solid, save-the-day valet, Jeeves that continue to delight decades after their era has passed into history.

The Jeeves series includes 35 short stories and 10 full-length novels, first published during periods of economic depression, war, and political and social upheaval.

What keeps them popular is their fun and camaraderie, with wacky tales of mischief, and a mash-up of modish slang, shrewd insinuations, gratuitous abbreviations, bewildering metaphors, and delightfully lavish description.

Jeeves Intervenes follows the classic Wodehouse style.

Confirmed bachelor Bertram Wilberforce Wooster and his old school chum Eustace Bassington-Bassington are determined to avoid their high-society fates. “Bertie” is facing an arranged marriage to Gertrude, while “Basie” is looking for any way to escape an unwanted job in India (and instead win Gertrude’s hand).

In desperation, they enact an outrageous ruse to dodge the meddling Aunt Agatha and Uncle Rupert. However, as their plan spins wildly out of control only the quick-witted manservant Jeeves can rescue the men from their unfortunate futures.

Play director Ian Farthing is delighted to steering this ship of fools.

“Wodehouse’s writing is brilliantly creative,” he said. “He mixes reality and absurdity into a delightful story that reminds us of our own loving and quirky bonds with friends and family.”

The cast of Jeeves Intervenes has expertly honed the delivery of a script that features both witty dialogue and physical comedy.

Returning to The Chemainus Theatre Festival are Warren Bain as Bertie Wooster, Bernard Cuffling as Jeeves, Brian Linds as Sir Rupert, and Barbara Pollard as Aunt Agatha. Debutants are Olivia Hutt as Gertrude, and Seth Little as Eustace.

The all-ages tomfoolery begins Sept. 11 and continues with both evening and matinee shows.

Tickets are available now by going online at chemainustheatre.ca or by calling the box office at 1-800-565-7738.

Devotees and newbies to the Jeeves series can partake in this hilarious caper from Sept. 11 to Oct. 3. Tickets are available now at chemainus      theatre.ca or 1-800-565-7738.

Show enhancements are available, and include: free “talk-backs” with the cast and crew following Wednesday performances (where insight into the production and author will be shared) and a special show-themed dinner in the contemporary Playbill Dining Room.

During the run of Jeeves Intervenes the theatre will be offering table d’hôte service, a set menu with your choice of three pre-selected main courses.

The regular salad and dessert bars will be open, the pre-selected meals will replace the hot buffet but no matter what you decide to do, there’s a tasty treat awaiting you at the Cheminus Theatre.