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Reveen back on stage in Cowichan

It’s hilarious watching the tricks our minds can play on us. Yes, we mean you, audience member.

The legend of Reveen continues as Reveen: The Superconscious Experience returns to the Cowichan Theatre on Saturday, Oct. 21 starting at 7:30 p.m.

His dad took his amazing show on the road years ago and now son Tyrone Reveen is back with this funny, amazing presentation.

Reveen shows have been seen by more than six million Canadians and now, following the legend that made hypnosis hip around the world, comes this surprising and family-friendly show.

It’s a clean and scientific demonstration of the marvels of the workings of the human mind. You’ll see ordinary people do extraordinary things and it’s just hilarious.

Tyrone Reveen takes you to the inner and outer reaches of your imagination with his Superconscious Experience.

People from the audience become stars in the wildest and funniest way in this performance.

Ty Reveen learned his craft from his legendary father, the grand master himself.

Take the family and enjoy an evening where the audience is truly a part of the show.

Tickets are $37.50 each. Get them at or by calling the Cowichan Ticket Centre at 250-748-7529.

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