Sunfest: Dierks Bentley a Cowichan Valley fan favourite

Dierks Bentley is returning to Sunfest on the wings of a No. 1 album.

Dierks Bentley is returning to Sunfest on the wings of a No. 1 album.

He’s the final top act of the huge festival, the last performer to hit the mainstage on Sunday night, July 31.

His latest studio album, Black, took top spot recently on both Billboard’s top albums and country albums charts.

Although he’s well known for mega-hits like ‘Drunk on a Plane’ or ‘Somewhere on a Beach’ that splash the break-up pain around so widely that everyone feels the hurt, he’s not afraid to follow new roads to great music.

This latest album allows fans to take that ride with him, and from their reaction, Bentley has shown once again that he knows how to break away from the pack.

The popular performer, now 40, is at the top of his game, with his first single from the album, ‘Somewhere on a Beach’ setting the tone for a hot summer.

His second single, ‘Different for Girls’, which features Elle King, is garnering great comments, too, with its introspective yet sultry storytelling helping to make Black the best selling release of Bentley’s career.

But the singer has been dealing with a different kind of pain as well.

He has also recently had to endure a pet owner’s toughest day when his beloved dog, Jake, finally succumbed to cancer.  The pooch had accompanied Bentley everywhere, on the red carpet and onstage, so many fans will have seen and will remember him. Bentley’s Instagram comment of “Rest in peace, pal” drew many heartfelt comments from fans.