$700 raised with close shave at Cairnsmore

Rodger Mawbey, at just 60, may be one of the younger residents at Cairnsmore Extended Care Hospital but he’s a force to be reckoned with there.

Recently, he decided to raise money for the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock by shaving his head and before anyone could turn around, he had $700 in the kitty for the worthwhile cause.

He raised all of it inside the building. "I’m going to look like a plucked chicken," he said cheerfully as a crowd gathered to watch him.

"My eyebrows are going as well as my hair. I was going to get my hair cut and then I heard about Cops for Cancer and

I thought: why not grow my hair? Then I got the idea of raising money by pledges; I thought I might get $200-$300. The next thing you know I’m up to $700.

"We’ve had both a registered nurse and a nurse’s aide here who both died from cancer. Then there’s another RN has breast cancer. I thought this was a great idea.

"So with the family and visitors and even a couple of residents, I’ve been picking them clean," he said.

Once a big crowd had gathered, the fun began with everyone watching closely as first his dark hair and then his thick eyebrows fell to the scissors and razor.

Ever an enthusiast, Mawbey continued to collect even more donations from onlookers during the event.