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Garden sale supports seniors

A unique fundraiser by the Cowichan Seniors Community Foundation will offer everything for the enthusiastic gardener from a superb hanging basket to a pack of annuals or a bag of potting soil.

The Cowichan Seniors Community Foundation has a great opportunity to work with the Victoria Foundation in creating a $15,000 fund that will support seniors programs and services.

When the foundation raises $7,500, the Victoria Foundation will match it. Each year proceeds from the fund will be available to distribute to community projects that benefit seniors in Cowichan.

"Funders who have some money to contribute towards a project want to see that the community embraces this particular idea," she said. "And that is their way of confirming that the community is behind the project. If the community isn't behind the idea and we don't raise the $7,500 then they go: 'Well, they're not interested, so why should we be?'" This is not a plant sale at a location, though. It's an opportunity to order plants and gardening supplies online.

"We've hooked up with one of the nurseries for this," Holman said. "Our folks and our volunteers are going out and drumming up sales and a portion of those

revenues goes towards our fund. It's a great idea for lots of people. It gives them a chance to do something they love. Gardeners are passionate about what they do and now they can contribute to a cause at the same time."

"There are a number of agencies and volunteer groups with great ideas and they are not able to secure small amounts of funds to help their projects forward. Annual distributions from the Cowichan Smart and Caring Community Fund will support projects by community groups for seniors in the Cowichan Region," Holman said. "We, at the Cowichan Seniors Community Foundation view this as an opportunity to partner with a well established foundation in creating a new fund specifically for Cowichan seniors."

To date, the group has collected $1,300 towards its goal.

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