North Korea’s struggle for freedom focus of LINK event

Cowichan’s Cammy Lockwood wants to spread the word about conditions in North Korea, and the struggle for freedom that is taking place there.

To that end, she is hosting Liberty in North Korea in Duncan Tuesday, April 22 at 7 p.m. at the Island Savings Centre board room.

"North Korea is a world away from our Cowichan Valley," said Lockwood in a press release. "We blissfully go about our days, enjoying our freedoms, complaining about our garbage pick-up schedule and that nobody at city hall does anything about it.

"When thoughts of North Korea do cross our minds, they are met with despair at how desperate the situation is and how there is nothing that we, here in Cowichan, can do about it," she said.

"But the story of North Korea will be one of hope," Lockwood continued. "Right now the people of North Korea are starting to make some changes. Now more than ever our help is needed."

Find out about what you can do by meeting representatives of LiNK, a grass-roots organization that is mandated to bring awareness and change to North Korea. Volunteer nomads travel throughout North America to share what the situation in North Korea is like, Lockwood said, and what people here can do to help.

For more information contact Lockwood at