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Wil, last in Valley with Matt Anderson, next up at the Orca Showroom

Impresario Longevity John Falkner said to hang onto our hats and, in January, he's marching in a parade of talent to the Silver Bridge's Orca Showroom.

The Orca will welcome Wil to the stage Saturday, Jan. 18 starting at 9 p.m.

Falkner is ecstatic at the coup. "Wil... what can one say about a solo performer that, with use of only a drummer added, puts out a fullness that defies your attention span...check it out!" he said in announcing the show last week.

"He is one of those performers that if you don't know about him, you should."

Tickets are $20. Get them from or at the door. Go to ibreakstrings on YouTube for a sample of Wil performing.