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Why switch to a heat pump?

Family owned and Vancouver Island-based Coastal Heat Pumps is now serving the Cowichan Valley!
Vancouver Island’s Coastal Heat Pumps is a family owned and operated Residential HVAC company. Call 250-900-4588 or visit to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Vancouver Island’s Coastal Heat Pumps is a family owned and operated Residential HVAC company. Don and Joanne Gulevich started the business in 2005, specializing in heat pump installation and servicing. They began their work in Comox, before moving to Sidney in 2011. In 2023, their daughter Ashley Gulevich became co-owner of the company, with her business partner Jordan Caton.

“The concept of a heat pump is fairly simple. If you think of your refrigerator, the inside is cold and the back, or outside of the fridge is hot. Essentially, the warm air inside your fridge is being transferred to the outside. Heat pumps work in a similar fashion, but include additional components which allow the heat transfer to reverse. That means the hot temperature can be transferred from the outside to the inside, in order to heat or cool indoor spaces,” Gulevich says.

Air-source heat pumps, which are the most common type in Canada, can draw heat from outside air — even when it’s cold. According to Natural Resources Canada, air at -18°C contains 85 per cent of the heat contained at 21°C!

Energy savings, and increased comfort too

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than electric baseboard heaters, furnaces and window-mounted air conditioners, meaning cost savings for homeowners.

Vancouver Island is expecting a hot summer, and with the cooling capabilities of a heat pump it’s important for homeowners to understand that heat pumps work off of consistency.

“Heat pumps do a much better job at maintaining temperatures rather than being forced to catch up to them. When you see drastic temperature changes in the forecast, prepare your house by switching the mode to accommodate,” Gulevich says.

If you keep this in mind, turning air conditioning on all summer will keep a house comfortably cool without peaking the energy bill — saving you money in the long run.

There’s comfort in knowing that with the government’s support with grants, rebates and financing, heat pumps are more affordable than ever.

3 reasons to love your heat pump:

  • Healthier air: Heat pumps circulate and filter air, so you won’t have to crack a window to keep your home fresh and dust free. If your furnace is rarely on, it will rarely pass air through the filter — leading to more dust. Not a problem with energy-efficient heat pumps!
  • Affordable: Because of their efficiency, some homeowners are saving as much as 50 per cent on their monthly heating bill. These savings cover their repayment of the interest free loan, plus they’re benefiting from air conditioning in the summer.
  • Quiet: Heat pump technology has improved a lot in the past two decades, and modern machines are incredibly quiet. “The noise of an outdoor unit is comparable to that of a dishwasher,” Gulevich says.

Invest in your health, and your quality of life! Coastal Heat Pumps can help you access substantial energy efficient rebates, and also offers flexible payment terms.

Ready to switch to a heat pump, or need servicing on a heat pump that’s already been installed? Coastal Heat Pumps specializes in Residential HVAC! Call 250-900-4588 or visit to schedule a free in-home estimate.


The Gulevich family behind Coastal Heat Pumps. From left: Director of Administration Ashley, President Don, Vice President Joanne, Administration Manager Lindsey.