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Glen Santics aims for seat on Duncan city council

My experience as a real estate agent has me ideally suited to offer expertise to city council
Glen Santics

My name is Glen Santics and I’m hoping to serve you as a Duncan city councillor. I’m asking for your vote this coming election.

I know my experience as a real estate agent for the past 25 years has me ideally suited to offer help and expertise to city council. I have experience dealing with city bylaws and zoning, contracts, commercial leases and sales, as well as experience dealing with people in all different life situations over the past 25 years. As a realtor I have operated a successful small business and taken further education to increase my designation to an “associate broker” (office manager requirement). I like to volunteer when I can and currently help with fundraising events with the local Eagles. While living in Nanaimo I started the Nanaimo Marine Festival Entertainment Stage which I ran for nine years. This was a four-day festival as an integral part of the Nanaimo Marine Festival offering music and entertainment free for all ages. I did this on a volunteer basis on behalf of the Nanaimo Bathtub Society.

I moved to Duncan two years ago from Victoria where I’ve been a realtor for the last nine years. Prior to that I lived in Nanaimo and worked as a realtor for 16 years. I sold my house in Esquimalt and chose the move to Duncan because of the affordability, the walkability, the proximity to amenities, as well as the quaint and charming downtown core. I live close to McAdam Park and you will see me each morning walking my dog Merlyn either along the river walk, around the different neighbourhoods of Duncan, or around the downtown area.

In my spare time I work on home renovations at my place; I work out at Snap Fitness; I involve myself helping with fundraising efforts for the local Eagles Hall; and I follow musical pursuits performing in various bands in the area.

Duncan has so much to offer! We are surrounded by passionate people — people who operate small businesses, like the unique hobby farms that supply our local markets or the downtown shops offering an array of quality merchandise and services. We have easy access to all the big box stores you could ever want or need. With the construction of the new hospital I’m positive Duncan will be a retirement destination to more seniors. I’d love to be a part of respectfully managing Duncan’s growth in the upcoming years! We are “The City Hub” of the Cowichan Valley!

On the horizon I see continuing concerns regarding property taxes and keeping them under control as well as ensuring they are spent efficiently.

There is continuing pressure that all communities are facing regarding the homeless situation and I see there needs to be some fresh direction in how we address this.

Respectfully managing growth and the upgrades required to infrastructure while maintaining our quaint yet vibrant downtown core intact is important to me personally.

Also top on my list of priorities is that we keep Duncan a clean, safe, and great place for both us to live in, as well as for the tourists I see visiting our town!

I commend all the candidates, the 11 other for city council and the four running for mayor, who have chosen to stand for election and offer their contribution to keeping Duncan a great place to live! On election day, I ask you get out and vote and please vote for me to represent you as a city councillor.