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Property crime, housing and homelessness top issues for Duncan council candidate Bob Brooke

I will bring to the council many years of related service
Bob Brooke is running for council in the City of Duncan. (submitted)

Bob Brooke is running for a seat on Duncan City Council:

Having reached retirement, I find myself with the time and inclination to assist in the steerage of the town in which I live.

Some of the problems affecting our city are housing, homelessness and property crime. We must address these issues with innovative solutions, that involve all of our citizens and which will not overtly increase the tax burden to our property and business owners.

The lack of housing has hit a crisis point, it will take very innovative solutions to address this issue. Faced with an extremely limited land base, Duncan will need to look at options that involve every level of government as well as the input of private citizens.

Property crime and drug addiction are interrelated issues. There are partial solutions aimed at drug addiction in place, but more must be done to achieve a lasting or manageable answer to this growing and serious issue. Property crime must be reduced without large cost increases or requiring dramatic changes of lifestyle for our residents.

I will bring to the council many years of related service having served as a director of both the local Real Estate Board, and the Cobble Hill Water District. I have served on the CVRD board of variance and sit currently as a board member of the Duncan Environmental Committee. I have spent 25 years working locally in the real estate industry and have operated my own company (Superior Real Estate Services) for a number of years.

Duncan is a unique city with a growing vibrant core, our downtown Saturday market, and a surrounding area of arts, crafts and a dramatic agricultural industry. I will strive as a councillor to continue this development by assisting in any and all ways I may be of help.