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Taxes and housing top Patrick Hrushowy’s concerns in North Cowichan council bid

He believes in creating systems that work for everyone
Patrick Hrushowy

Patrick Hrushowy is running for a seat on North Cowichan council.

Patrick, a resident of the Cowichan Valley for more than 30 years, is a family man and committed outdoor enthusiast. He is married with four adult children and three grandchildren.

​He believes in creating systems that work for everyone, from the top government official to the individual constituent, and always being ready to adjust to better accommodate the interests of people trying to live and work together. In short, Patrick believes in collaboration and diversity.

He believes North Cowichan plays a key role in how the whole of the Cowichan Valley functions in environmental, cultural, social, recreation, economic and infrastructure terms.

​Patrick is a communications, public relations and regulatory affairs consultant who specializes in government and regulatory affairs. His experience includes working in an advisory capacity for various levels of government as well as assisting those with private and corporate interests who are working their way through governmental regulation and policy. He knows how government works.

​Top Issues

Containing Rising Housing Costs

Housing affordability must be addressed — he will call for a community task force to review North Cowichan’s policies and procedures to ensure the municipality is not adding unnecessarily to the cost of new housing. This task force would be peopled by representatives of various housing stakeholders.

Push for affordable rental housing in North Cowichan

Aggressively pursue opportunities to work with provincial government programs to create affordable rental housing options in North Cowichan for low income individuals and families, including seniors and people with disabilities.

Put a Lid on Taxes

Do everything necessary to keep tax increases under control and within the bounds of inflation and population growth.

Fight Noise Pollution

Patrick will demand that the Island Motor Sports Circuit operate within the bounds of the municipality’s bylaws and regulations.