Acknowledgement of climate change spreads

Cowichan Valley – Re: extreme climate change Authoritative agencies recognizing the real threat of climate change now include the World Bank, U.S. military, NASA, International Monetary Fund, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Economist magazine, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, along with heads of major international religions, including Pope Francis. Over 80 corporations – including Microsoft, Bank of America, Coca-Cola and General Motors – recently dropped their affiliation with a major U.S. legislative alliance (ALEC) over the group’s anti-climate efforts.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said his company was also leaving ALEC because climate deniers were “just literally lying” and those working against climate action were “making the world a much worse place.” (Businessweek) Even conservatives now must acknowledge that humancaused climate change is a real threat to our environment, our economies, communities, and possibly our health and safety.

Readers might be interested in a presentation at the Island Savings Centre on June 14. The presenter, Dr. Guy McPherson, has received wide coverage for his views, and also he has been criticized for failure to apply accepted scientific method in support of his predictions, including of extreme, rapidly escalating climate change causing possible extinction of the human race within two or three generations from now.

Readers might benefit from attending, listening, learning, and questioning.

John Mowat Steven

Cowichan Valley