Anti-idling bylaw a good thing for Duncan

Duncan – Re: Anti-idling bylaw nonsensical (Citizen, July 16, 2014) Mark Williams states: Most people know how much gas costs and don’t generally try to waste it needlessly idling.

I beg to differ! I’ve seen many a vehicle idling at the library for as much as 20 minutes!

I see people pulled to the curb on side streets idling. windows open eating or reading or filling out a form, etc., etc. I see them idling while waiting for a child to come from a sports event.

I wholeheartedly agree with a no idling bylaw. I sympathy with Nicole as well but maybe she could’ve planned her outing differently.

I’m glad a no idling bylaw is actually being enforced!

First time I’ve heard of it being so.

Karen Seargeant