Applause for Harper visit demonstrators

Duncan – I did not attend the demonstration outside Brentwood College on Tuesday [Jan. 7].

I was not there because there was almost no notice that Mr. Harper would be coming to visit, and he was here mid-day on a working weekday.

I heard from people who were there, and respond to their comments.

One was the variety of issues that were being raised.

Practically every person’s placard was about something different.

The number of concerns that people have about the Conservatives are multiple, and growing.

Then, the comments about growth, not grow-ops.

Sounds glib and a bit catchy until one considers the recent issue of closing down legal marijuana growers and having the federal government take over.

Harper has gone into the growop business in as large a way as possible, and he’s doing it legally, since he makes the laws.

He knows where the big money is and he’s going for it on all fronts.

When fear and greed become the main forces of motivation, life becomes drudgery.

I applaud those people who came together on short notice to stand in the rain and make their presence known to the Harper crew.

The strength and good nature of the Cowichan Valley people has been noticed. We have something here, a quality which I want to see retained. Easy for Stephen to stand on the Kinsol Trestle after all the work of the locals who banded together to save it.

It’s a massive train that is rolling, and the BC Liberals are in the clubcar. Maybe it’s just the way of the world and I’m shouting into the wind. When do we ever get to shout, full-voice, with a smile on our faces and love in our hearts? Is that the purpose of hockey games? Or demonstrations?

Marilyn Weland