Ban religion to advance cause of world peace

Duncan – After 60-odd years of studying humans and war I think the only way to end wars and have some semblance of world peace is to ban religion.

Religion’s function is not to serve God or mankind but to acquire wealth and power through the control of people’s minds.

Most religions profess to believe in one God and profess their holy scriptures are the word of that same God.

Those holy scriptures were not written by God but by the hand of man, supposedly divinely inspired, but translated, interpreted, misinterpreted and without scholarly proof readers and people to check the text from one to another. That is the fact and who’s to say those writings were not adjusted for the writer’s benefit?

Second point is leaders could not get masses to take up arms to kill their fellow humans without the brainwashing of their followers.

The point is, without religious fever it would be hard to amass a killing contingent. I believe in God but not in religion.

John McDonald