Big decision coming for residents of Saltair on June 15

Saltair – On June 15 Saltair residents will be asked if they want to change their Official Community Plan to allow for greater housing density in a large lot south of Byron’s store.

A development sign is posted on the property but obscured by dense bushes. Residents should consider whether they support more areas in Saltair being rezoned for denser housing and whether doing so in this case will create a precedent for neighbouring properties, as well as, possibly the back of the old school property,or even further away.

Another consideration: in theory, the CVRD doesn’t support more small independent sewer systems, so at what point will the CVRD consider building a community sewer to support new residential areas? Sewer is lovely, but it will greatly increase property taxes and erode lot size restrictions.

So, do residents want to maintain the current rural nature of Saltair, or are we content to have it gradually in-filled?

It doesn’t matter what your opinion is, come to the CVRD’s June 15 meeting at 7:00 pm at the old Mount Brenton School. Whatever is decided will be a game changer for Saltair!

Jane Walton