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Changes needed to Conservatives not Elections Act

Mill Bay - The Vancouver Island Newsmedia Group, a corporate group, would have us believe that with the 10 recommended changes from the senate, this Unfair Elections Act would be more palatable and seen as fair to Canadians.

The fact that the heavily "Conservative" senate even felt the need to recommend these 10 changes should tell us something. And remember, those few changes are only being considered by a government who has yet to listen to anybody! Except the corporations. And the only real reason these 10 changes have even been recommended by the senate is because there's been such a backlash. The average Canadian can actually understand what the Conservative government is trying to do here. We actually don't need any changes to the Act by this Conservative government. The Conservatives need the changes.As I see it, everything this government has done so far has been to undo, suppress and destroy what's good and fair in this country. Mostly behind our backs...D'Arcy RattrayMill Bay