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Chris Istace running for North Cowichan’s council

15 people running for six seats in municipality

Chris Istace is running for a council seat in North Cowichan.

He said he has called North Cowichan home for nearly a decade and in that time, he and his family have become deeply connected to the region and the people.

Istace said further deepening the family’s roots to the community, they opened a successful small retail business in Chemainus on the same street as their home.

“As a passionate community advocate, I serve as the president of the Chemainus Business Improvement Association, working hard to foster a successful small businesses atmosphere,” he said.

“Alongside my work on the CBIA, I serve as a director of the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society doing advocacy work, trail development, maintenance, and raising awareness of the amazing hiking and biking opportunities in North Cowichan’s community forests.”

Istace said that managing the ever-changing landscape of small business has taught him to adapt to new ideas quickly when needed, but always to pay attention to expenses and revenues in every decision.

He said that with more than two decades owning his own business for experience, he has also worked for 21 years in the resource industry.

“In that time I started in service, but eventually finished as operations management and technical sales,” Istace said.

“This taught me the importance of careful planning but also creating both operational and capital budgets. Lastly in the realm of public service and governance, in my previous home city I was elected to two terms as city councillor. In my time on council, we struggled with getting rising municipal debt under control and addressing a severe housing shortage.”

Istace said he is running for council to enhance his ability to bring together the varied voices of the community to tackle the challenges of growth in a sensitive time for local youth, economy, and environment.

“My goal is to serve my neighbours, fellow business owners, and each and every person in North Cowichan,” he said.

Robert Barron

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