Clark returning education to its roots

Duncan – Dear Christy Clark: I want to applaud you for returning public education back to its proper place. The system was designed to produce workers in our industrial society and for maintaining social order. Thank you for recognizing these fundamentals and for steering us back. The current career opportunities available to youth of all socio-economic backgrounds are vast and, frankly, overwhelming.

On behalf of low and middle class families, I’d like to express my gratitude for alleviating that undue stress as well as the financial burden of seeing our kids through post-secondary.

You, Christy, are bringing us back to a simpler time. My children, by attending public school, will not need to worry about what sort of job would provide a sense of fulfillment, purpose or joy. Nor will they have to determine which career is best suited to their particular strengths or interests. No! So long as they do their part to mindlessly fuel the machine of resource extraction that supports the whims and desires of the elite, they will be doing their duty. (Thank you, because medical school is really expensive!)

Those lofty goals of furthering oneself through education: attending university, becoming doctors, lawyers, civil engineers, politicians, teachers (hmm… not sure about that one) ought to be left to the families who can afford a “proper” education in private schools and who have the resources to support those choices and manage all that stress. What a load off my mind!

Education for the masses should focus exclusively on producing the next generation of unquestioning labourers. Your vision and determination to restore the institution of public education to its roots is remarkable.

p.s.: I’m glad to see that your Dickensian policies extend to the treatment of unions as well. Weekends are overrated.

Krista Crowther