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Coalition calls for end of conflict in Ukraine, and all wars, in Duncan demonstration

Freedom From War Coalition demonstrates in city park
About a dozen members of the Freedom from War Coalition gathered in Duncan’s Charles Holy Park on Feb. 24 to call for the end of the conflict, and all wars in general. (Robert Barron/Citizen)

Members of the Freedom from War Coalition gathered in Duncan’s Charles Hoey Park on Feb. 24, the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to call for the end to the war.

About a dozen coalition members carrying signs calling for the conflict to end engaged people on the sidewalks with their message.

Organizer Eden Haythornthwaite said the coalition, which is comprised of people and community groups from across Vancouver Island, opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is also calling for foreign troops and military personnel, whether they are Russian, NATO or foreign mercenaries, to immediately withdraw from Ukraine.

She said the current crisis in Ukraine has heightened people’s recognition of the need to stand for peace everywhere in the world.

A pamphlet that was distributed at the demonstration said the coalition seeks to build popular opposition to a ballooning Canadian military budget that diverts money from public services, social housing, clean drinking water, Indigenous self determination and carbon neutrality.

“Instead, the money pours into furthering the interests of Canada’s war industry,” the pamphlet said.

“We seek to build opposition to an economy based on the necessity of war.”

Haythornthwaite said the gathering had an amazing response from the public.

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