Cowichan restaurants dish up Mealshare

Five Cowichan Valley restaurants have jumped on board an idea that allows people to help somebody in need just by enjoying a great meal out.

Mealshare is a not-for-profit program that partners with eateries that agree to designate certain items on their menu with the Mealshare logo.

When somebody orders one of these items, a meal will be donated to someone in need through Warmland House and Save the Children.

Mealshare was started in July 2013 and is partnered with over 60 restaurants across four cities.

So far in the Cowichan Valley, participating restaurants are Rusticana, Bad Habits, The Old Fork, the Shipyard and Hudson’s on First.

"We believe that everyone deserves the

right to eat," said Blair Howard of the Valley’s volunteer Mealshare team.

"We hope you will fiercely support our partner restaurants as well, and continue to enjoy their delicious food knowing that they care about not only their own business, but also have a philanthropic philosophy and care for the communities and world they live in."

The Shipyard Restaurant in Maple Bay will have two Mealshare items on their menu to start out.

Owner/manager Laurie Sellwood said that when Howard contacted she and her husband Mike they pondered the idea for about a week and crunched the numbers, then decided it was definitely something they wanted to be a part of.

"It’s a great program to help our locals that are in need," Sellwood explained.

Mealshare launched in Cowichan at The Old Fork on Thursday evening.