Dispute is about Clark refusing to own mistake

Cobble Hill – To provide public education is a provincial government responsibility. Christy Clark and the Liberals have abdicated this responsibility and have created the current crisis for one purpose only. It has nothing to do with her expectations of unions, available money or any other smoke screen issue the Liberals have raised.

Christy Clark and the Liberals have defied three court rulings. Clark and the Liberals are unwilling to admit that she made a mistake, that she erred when breaking a legal contract. And because twice she has been unsuccessful at obtaining any change in the decision of the courts she is now, by starvation of the teachers and their families, trying to force them to disregard the law and thereby removing this stain from her reputation.

Were the teachers to act as if the courts’ decisions were without merit, they would be undermining not only public education, but also the process of the law in this province and possibly in Canada.

In the end, if the teachers were to capitulate, they would be undermining our constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and ultimately democracy.

In summary, I would suggest that this crisis will not be resolved until the basic problem is addressed; Christy Clark acted illegally and will not admit she made a mistake.

Resolution could begin immediately were she to correct this error.

Phyllis Hood

Cobble Hill