Don’t allow high density housing next to park

Saltair – Is the CVRD/EASC going to vote to change the peace and tranquillity of Stocking Creek Park, Area G/Saltair forever?

Other communities are demanding treed buffer zones between developments and public parks.

In Area G/Saltair a rezoning for a high density housing development will end up with 7.5 metre/25 foot high houses on the bank and slope towering over the park.

The development’s large private sewer system will be butting against the park boundary with its sewage vapour emissions off and on.

The majority of the park is in a ravine area and will be filled with the noise of lawnmowers, weed eaters, etc. from this high density housing development. Land can be added to a park but if the unique peace and tranquillity of the park is gone what a tragedy for all who are seeking this type of unique environment.

This rezoning is not just about high density in a rural area whose OCP is against high density, it is also about the impact on Stocking Creek Park. Why should the other CVRD/EASC areas care?

A precedent will be set by this rezoning and this can impact other CVRD/EASC areas in the future.

What good is a larger park when the park loses its unique peaceful and tranquil environment?

Large houses towering over parkland and a large private sewer system only metres away from a fish bearing creek?

I ask the CVRD/EASC directors to respect the precautionary principle and the Area G/Saltair OCP “high level of environmental protection of Stocking Creek”, “rural residential nature of the area”, “OCP does not support the concept of density averaging (high density)” and the peaceful nature of a sanctuary that the Saltair residents and other Stocking Creek Park users value so highly.

Lynne Smith