Drivers should be tested every four years

Duncan – I am writing in response to Tim Schewe’s article on driving deaths and bad driving.

He laments that it’s difficult to create drivers that follow safe and proper practices and wishes he had an answer to the problem.

Well I have the answer: we need to test our drivers every four years, full driving test. Very high standards required to pass, one chance to pass or your licence is suspended. Driving is a privilege not a right. The government, the courts and ICBC are all complicit in our roads of death.

If a plane crashes and 10 people die there is an investigation and an inquiry to help determine the cause and to recommend changes. Millions of dollars are spent and many safe practices have resulted over the years.

I don’t know the exact numbers but perhaps five to 10 people die each week in B.C. in car crashes and it is accepted as normal. No investigation, no inquiry, nothing is done year after year. It is time for more regular testing of drivers; this antiquated idea that you take a test once and are good to go for life is ridiculous.

We need some politicians with vision, in particular the vision that the deaths on our roads have got to stop! It can be done and the savings in life, let alone money for heath care etc. would be enormous.

Here is the campaign slogan – “A vote for me is a vote for safe roads in B.C.”

We need to stop spending time and money on marijuana growops and work hard towards having the safest roads in Canada and on the planet, a worthy goal that will bring many rewards.

Imagine some federal incentives, more money for health care if you reduce your annual road deaths! All provinces competing for the lowest road death total. I have so many ideas on how to get this done I could write a book.

Michael Moore