Eliminate $45K traffic circle on Drinkwater

North Cowichan – Some roundabouts work fine but a $450,000 roundabout at Drinkwater and Lane Roads is costly and unnecessary.

Encroaching on a usable farmer’s field, only a few feet from a railway crossing at a t-intersection where 98 per cent of drivers make a right turn to Cowichan Commons, Tim Hortons or TCH on a narrow country road.

Drinkwater already has a $430,000 roundabout at Somenos Road where drivers have hit the block wall encircling the pole in the center of the road, $723,000 in sidewalk work done in the same area – where taxpayers have no sewer service!

That is the muni’s job. This latest of many roundabout expenditures (why North Cowichan taxes go up) including River Road, Chemainus – a practical contractor said, simply turn right to roundabout at bottom of Henry Road to circle back safely to town.

Why waste millions on guiding drivers through simple intersections? Ridiculous say many, not a few.

Chris Carrss can love roundabouts but we can’t afford these excessive make-work muni projects. Drivers are not that challenged, but these obstacle courses will make us so.

One roundabout will solve Mayor Lefebure’s “there is not money available right now to do the study of the costs and benefits of amalgamation” claim in Cowichan Valley Citizen, Wednesday, April 30, page 5. A focus that is much needed and long overdue – amalgamation/restructure of local governments and the boundaries. A working solution, no more territories.

Joyce Behnsen

North Cowichan