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Garbage disposal fees in Cowichan will rise significantly

11% increase kicks in on June 1 due to rising fuel prices

Due to rising fuel prices, the Cowichan Valley Regional District’s plan for a four per cent garbage disposal fee increase earlier this year has jumped to an 11 per cent increase as of June 1.

The new disposal fees for garbage will be $164 a tonne, $125 a tonne for food waste, $15 a unit for mattresses, $6 for each tire with rims and commercial yard waste will cost $60 a tonne.

Residents will still have free yard-waste disposal.

While neighbouring jurisdictions charge for yard-waste disposal, the CVRD has offered a free disposal service to residential and commercial customers, in an effort to encourage people to stop backyard burning.

As processing costs are rising, the CVRD is receiving higher disposal volumes from regional and out-of-region commercial customers.

This has put additional stress on the budget, which necessitates a commercial yard-waste fee to ensure the program remains free to residents.

“The CVRD understands that residents and businesses have faced many challenges over the last two years and increases to waste disposal may feel like an additional burden,” a release from the CVRD said.

“Increasing the disposal fees at this time was a difficult but necessary decision to balance the solid-waste budget.”