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Gas price hike would hit working poor

Cowichan Bay - Re: Gas should be $5 a litre As much as I appreciate the effort to force conformity to the government-based transit system it might be considerate to consider that my form of employment does not allow me the financial ability to purchase a hybrid or a battery-powered car, and given the nature of my job buses are not an option, neither are bicycles.

I make close to minimum wage on top of other expenses and gas is one of them.I might hedge a bet that I am not alone in this affliction.So yes, for many well-to-do folks forcing people to conform to a bias is great but for peoplein my position it just isn't possible and raising the price of gas won't fix it, it just won't, all it will do is make us poorer and force us to jump on the welfare wagon.Nick RamboldCowichan Bay

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