Glider crashes on Cowichan’s Mt. Prevost

A paraglider had to be airlifted from Mt. Prevost after crashing near the top of the mountain on Sunday afternoon.

Firefighters from North Cowichan’s South End hall were called out to the scene, along with BC Ambulance. They had to blaze a trail to the crash site just below the cairn at the summit in order to reach the injured glider.

The glider was brought out on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance, which descended to a medevac helicopter that was able to land on the narrow mountain road.

Mountain bikers and hikers taking advantage of a clear fall day were among the first to the scene of the crash, and aided firefighters and paramedics with the difficult rescue.

The male victim was talking with rescuers as he was carried out, but witnesses said he had badly injured ankles, perhaps from crashing legs first into the rocks near the peak, as well as other physical damage.