Health workers paid less than office clerk

Duncan – It’s a sad situation when society values a receptionist/office clerk, more than a health care worker. There was a job posted for the city of Duncan.

They offered $26 per hour, plus benefits. Most health care workers make less than that in the private sector; care aides make less than $20 per hour and there is always a threat of lower wages and benefits.

We are taking care of people, your loved ones; does this seem right to you? I love my job and I believe most health care workers do. We do a job that most people could not do and do not want to do. We don’t deserve the constant uncertainty, low wages and extra stress in our lives.

If you would like to help make a difference, please write individual letters to the Liberal minister of health. Let him know that our elders matter, their health care matters and the workers matter. Thank you.

Jannie Weaver