Heroes take steps when dogs left in hot car at Lake Cowichan

Lake Cowichan – Today [Thursday, July 17] I witnessed another act of community heroism that makes me once again feel proud that I am a part of this community.

While grocery shopping at the Lake Cowichan Country Grocer today I couldn’t help but notice several attempts over the intercom to locate a driver of a truck in the parking lot.

The announcement appeared to get a bit more serious asking the driver “to immediately return and attend to their vehicle”.

At the checkout I noticed several of the front end staff were very worried about something and talked frantically among themselves.

Another announcement was made over the intercom. It then became apparent that someone had left not one but two dogs in their vehicle. Two of the male employees left the store and went over to neighbouring business to see if they could find the owner.

You don’t have to be a dog owner to have common sense about leaving animals in a vehicle in this extreme heat we are experiencing. In the parking lot I could hear one of the dogs howling – wanting out. There were a few ladies milling around the car wondering what to do.

While the smartest course of action may have been to call the RCMP I was ready to smash the window out.

I ran to my car searching for something that would help to break these poor animals free when one of the women said the car was unlocked. I returned with a leash and hoped to get the dogs out.

At this very moment the owner of the trapped dogs was coming across the parking lot. He decided he needed lunch while his beloved dogs waited.

Needless to say there was a group of ladies around his vehicle letting him know how stupid his actions were. His response, “It’s not that hot out.”

The staff at Lake Cowichan Country Grocer were just amazing! I take my hat off to them yet again. They are a very big part of this community and care about what happens.

And to the ladies in the parking lot, I hope you also know you are amazing for the concern you had about these poor dogs. The owner of the dogs were lucky you were all so calm. (I wouldn’t want to be on your bad side.)

And to the owner of these two dogs, I hope you are now smart enough to realize that a closed vehicle on a hot day is no place for your dogs – no matter if the window is open a bit.

I am happy to call the community of Lake Cowichan my home.

Scott A. Paro

Lake Cowichan