ICBC is ripping off the public with rate increases

Duncan – I have just received my ICBC car insurance renewal and once again it has gone up 5.5 per cent this time.

Now, it is not the amount of increase that has annoyed me it is how they compute their increase. Last year my basic policy was $424 and this year it is $448. I thought to myself, this is not right, and so I got out my calculator and lo and behold it should have been $447.32. I then phoned them to inquire why there was this discrepancy and I was told that ICBC always rounds up to the dollar. I am now not only being hit for a 5.5 per cent increase, I am also being screwed out of 68 cents by this government-run shambles.

I don’t know how many people have car insurance with ICBC in this province but if they all get taken for 60-plus cents, this runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When is someone going to step up to the plate and stop this ripoff of the public?

Derrick Marven