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Koury's building plans impractical

Duncan - Regarding the Somenos Marsh dike: I would like to know if John Koury's statement that "we know there will likely never be another flood on the dry side" is based on the same "real science" that persuaded his hero and mentor Stephen "Tar Sands" Harper to approve the Northern Gateway pipeline?

How do "we know" this "likely" won't happen again, Mr. Koury? It sounds like Mr. Koury is prepared to spend millions onprojects because he, backed by all his environmental science degrees, says there "likely" won't be another flood.On the responsible side of this mayoralty race, Jon Lefebure does know what he's talking about, referencing the building requirements, poor soil, etc. Koury would have us building on totally unsuitable land, involving huge expenditures just to make it possible to build. Leave that area as parkland for all to enjoy.More development does not lead to lower taxes.I would also like Mr. Koury to clarify, as a member in good standing of the Conservative Party, whether or not he supports Northern Gateway and, by default, the inevitable pollution and destruction of our west coast environment.This is not the type of person I want on our local council, let alone as mayor.These two issues make it perfectly clear that Mr. Koury reads from the same book as Stephen "Facts be damned, full pipelines ahead'' Harper.David GordonDuncan