Land should be included in marsh

Duncan – Re: Coun. Siebring says: sell the marsh site The land that North Cowichan owns in the Somenos Marsh should not be sold. A new owner will likely sue the taxpayers for misrepresentation when they discover the complexities and spiraling costs involved in attempting to build the foundation for a building in a wet marshland.

They’ll discover that the land is flood-prone and that the cost of insurance is prohibitive, if available at all. The legal costs to the taxpaying public could far exceed any paltry sum North Cowichan Municipality could realize for selling marshland. And why aren’t we supportive of marshland for what it is, a place of refuge, its real value being its wildness? Perhaps Coun. All Siebring could share with us his record of preserving wild places for the community to enjoy.

From a municipality’s standpoint, sometimes cutting your present losses is preferable to incurring more.

I wish all marshland north of Beverly Street could be included in the Somenos Marsh (the exception being the school, which could live out its usefulness, then be put in). Does anyone else out there share my views? If so, let North Cowichan know. They want your opinion. I believe the public consultation process is still in effect.

Julie Foster