Mountie’s appeal hearing wraps up

The appeal hearing for RCMP Const. David Pompeo wrapped up on Tuesday, and participants are hoping for a decision within the next month.

Pompeo was convicted of aggravated assault in February 2013 in connection with the shooting of Bill Gillespie during a traffic stop in September 2009. Last December, Pompeo was sentenced to two years probation and 240 hours of community service.

Gillespie was in attendance for both days of the hearing, which took place in Vancouver, and said that the arguments presented by Pompeo’s lawyer, Ravi Hira, revolved around the way Judge Josiah Wood conducted the trial.

"What they’re saying is that Judge Wood was asking too many questions, and that a trial judge is not entitled to lead his own investigation," Gillespie said. "They said he was developing his own theories rather than letting the Crown and prosecution present it."

According to Gillespie, Hira has also asked that the testimony of an expert witness, which was stricken from the record for "exaggerated credentials," be restored. "They said that even though he embellished his resume, his testimony should still have been given weight," Gillespie said.

Gillespie added that he was told it could take a month for a decision on the appeal to come forth.