Municipal elections – let’s learn from Scouts

North Cowichan – It’s time for November municipal elections. Elections historically based on a minority voting. The larger the voters’ apathy the better the chances a few votes elect you. This time terms of four years. I hope the few of us voting get it right.

The apathetic masses say, “Why vote? Once they get in they do what they want anyway”. Why do I vote? I want accountable representation based on integrity, someone who will care for the most vulnerable, consider the impact on all generations and look out for the common good of the community and not just the best funded campaign.

I try to elect people who respect the electorate, look for truthful community and bureaucratic input, believe in transparent governance with full disclosure, and take the appropriate time to debate multiple options and make the right answer.

I learned as a Scout that I should show and expect of others honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness and bravery. We must be engaged and vote for someone who is being open and treats the electorate with respect. Loyalty must be to the entire community not just to the politicians themselves and their funders.

We must trust local politicians to work with the community to resolve complex issues, therefore seek and elect those who are consistent in their words, actions and deeds, working for the good of all facets of society and not just personal political supporters. We must elect people who are brave, who show courage in facing unpleasant decisions and reactions to their own opinions with a desire to resolve issues without burdening the current taxpayer and future generations.

I hope and encourage the majority to get out and vote this fall, for ourselves, our families, our communities. People both the electorate and the bureaucrats can work with and be proud to say “they govern our community”.

Phil Jennings

North Cowichan