Municipal spending and tax increases outrageous

Another year and another property tax increase. Perhaps council and staff are oblivious to the fact that the COLA was less than one per cent in 2013 and 2014 and that the average worker in this province did not receive a wage increase or generous bonus and financially most households are going backwards.

These constant tax increases are not sustainable yet council makes no efforts to curb spending. Instead they ramp up hiring and approve every whim staff dreams up. Taxpayers should look at the outrageous hiring of yet more staff when the rest of the world is learning how to do more with less.

Do we really need all these new roundabouts or could we wait until we can afford them? There is a long list of areas where we could cut back and ease the tax burden but there is no will by the majority of councillors to even sit down and review the budget line by line. Is there some other magic way of determining where our money goes? They were elected to monitor the public purse and if they are unwilling to do that job then perhaps it is time for a complete change come November.

I will not place my mark beside any of their names.

Peggy Bran