Municipality should re-examine expenses

Duncan – I am disappointed that the muni is saving a few hours labour at the expense of the dead and those who grieve. Did I mention both my son and daughter were put in their grave in one day by a drunken off-duty Vancouver police officer? Having spent 28.5 years visiting the cemetery I know the muni does not water the grass, so the muni only mow a few times a year. As for safety – don’t worry – the dead won’t jump up and grab you! But the muni needs to save. After all the muni does water Evans Park generously, when the farmer who was there was told there was no water for irrigation. He would have used half of the water the muni uses now. The muni mows this park once or twice a week (maybe more) from March to October. How much does this cost?

Then there’s the new cop shop. I gather one of the needs to move is rats. May I offer some suggestions:

1. cats

2. traps

3. poison, such as Rat Attack

4. exterminator

5. shooting them

The RCMP may not shoot the “rats” on our streets but creatures invading their building are fair game. One of the above will eradicate the problem. If there is still a need to move, use the school board office, or one of the closed schools, which the taxpayers have already paid for. Leave the beautiful farm land on Ford Road alone. The mayor and his three women can rezone, but that won’t make it right. There is an election coming this year!

Johanna Mellor