N. Cowichan to review MMBC in 2015

Coun. John Koury got his North Cowichan colleagues to agree that a review of its service agreement with MMBC in July 2015 would be a good idea.

The idea came up in discussion at a recent council meeting and Coun. Al Siebring asked, "Do we want to revisit it or have staff review it?

Koury said that in making such a motion, he had deliberately "left it pretty vague" but the idea was to look at how the service is performing by the summer of next year.

"What’s happening to the stuff that’s no longer eligible to be picked up?" he questioned.

"I want to get a sense of where the plastic is going. I have no problems with all the benefits of the good things that are happening with the MMBC agreement," he said.

"The one significant thing is the plastic bags," said John MacKay, director of engineering for North Cowichan. "They are not a significant weight issue."

"That is a very small change for us but there are some real advantages to the new system, too," said Mayor Jon Lefebure.

Siebring said he wasn’t thinking of the weight issue when it came to plastic bags either.

"If Coun. Koury is looking for a review in 2015 are we tracking how it’s working out to see if the plastic bags are ending up in the garbage?" McKay replied, "weight is the only way we can track except for the odd visual inspection."

Coun. Ruth Hartmann said there should be some way to encourage people to use alternative containers.

"We all need to stop using plastic bags at all," she said.

"I supported the MMBC idea to add value by marketing our waste," Koury said. "My concern is plastic bags will end up in black bags. I just want to make sure we’re evaluating this."

Council agreed to take another look at the program next summer.