New lease on life for Crofton fire truck

An old fire truck is getting a second chance at life.

A 1984 Mack Pumper Truck, which served the community of Crofton for 30 years, but was retired from North Cowichan’s Fire Rescue Service last year, has been donated to Firefighters Without Borders Canada.

"We’re very pleased to be making this contribution," North Cowichan Mayor Jon Lefebure said.

"When David Hitchcock, a North Cowichan firefighter and the Central Vancouver Island representative for Firefighters Without Borders Canada, made the recommendation, council didn’t hesitate to approve the donation. Thanks to Crofton fire hall’s commitment to maintenance and upkeep, this truck will likely be in service for another 20 years."

In Canada, a combination of safety standards and insurance requirements only allow fire trucks to be in service for around 25 years. The charitable agency can still make use of them, though.

"The mission of Firefighters Without Borders Canada is to assist the emergency service agencies in developing countries to improve their ability to offer a higher level of emergency services to their communities," FWBC President Bob Dubbert said.