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Not just a 'few' in the Valley are concerned with salaries

Mill Bay - In his recent letter, Pat Mulcahy (Citizen, Sept. 26) is hoist by his own petard. He parrots Director Giles's statements concerning "the few" as if her words represent empiric evidence of truth, when she has a record of completely ignoring the wishes of the people until even the apathetic voters in the Valley finally have had enough.

Three times as many people voted against her pet project, the infamous eco depot fiasco, as actually voted her into office, with a similar scenario over the equally outrageous mega pool project planned for Mill Bay which would have seen us with a lifelong debt, to accommodate "the few"' who deemed it suitable.Anecdotal "evidence" has no bearing on how many actually disagree with the size of salary and benefit packages paid by the CVRD.The old chestnut of having to pay enough to attract the best candidates might be understandable in isolated positions and circumstances but has largely been exposed as flawed especially if applied to the whole staff.The "few'' are those who sit behind closed doors making plans without public input.The voters are apathetic but this does not mandate the politicians to tax and spend especially when they are elected with such a miniscule percentage of voters.David HewsonMill Bay