Paper should have taken positive slant

Duncan – As a resident here in Duncan, I felt the need to write you and let you know that I am disappointed that you chose to do an entire article on Barker for being against the GMO issue instead of celebrating such an obvious victory that our little town is making such a positive impact.

How dare he even go as far as to say that activists may use us as an example – something I would be very proud of! I hope every other town on Vancouver Island follows suit and than the mainland and the rest of our country.

There is overwhelming evidence to support the GMO science experiment has too many

negative impacts.

I stand behind our council 100 per cent and I hope you choose to write another story – a positive one, with real facts about genetic engineering and its downfalls instead of an article that seems to imply you want everyone to think the council made a bad decision.

Even your poll is slanted. The only option for yes is “yes” but the other two options are far more detailed and both seem to be for the GMO argument. Wouldn’t it have been more fair to put, “Yes! Genetically modified foods are a danger to our health and the environment!” instead of just “yes”.

Shame on Barker.

Andrea Jones