Parent-teacher interview scheduling is flawed

Duncan – The so-called “restructuring” in School District No. 79 has surfaced in another area: scheduling of parent-teacher interviews.

In its often self-serving, selfcongratulatory fashion, the district is forgetting that these interviews are at the heart of building relationships among parents, their children, and teachers; that they provide a timely venue where parents (their child by their side) and teachers can have an intimate, private conversation to find out the child’s progress, or lack of it.

By restricting these interviews to the end of the school day, the district is ignoring and disrespecting those parents who work during that time. These hard-working parents love to be part of their child’s learning but when they are denied that access, one wonders if this is the path, as was alleged by the district, “paved with goodwill” or if this is just another demonstration of demagoguery and double-talk!

Amrik Prihar