Phone scammers impersonate Cowichan Community Policing

Telephone scammers are at it again in the Cowichan Valley, this time impersonating Cowichan Community Policing.

“We do not fundraise by phone calls,” Community Policing manager Carol-Ann Rolls emphasized.

Phone calls from the number 778-785-6268 are not from Community Policing, Rolls noted. Community Policing is a registered not-forprofit charity organization, and can give tax receipts for donations, in accordance with Revenue Canada.

Rolls recommended visiting Revenue Canada’s website to verify information before sending donations to charities that solicit by phone. She also suggested ways to help the CRTC track down phone scammers.

“Keep a pad of paper handy,” she said. “Write down the telemarketer’s name, phone number, details of the message and type of call – whether it was a robocall or a live person. Also write down any call back number they give you or any website they mention.”

Complaints can be submitted to the CRTC by calling 1-866-580-DNCL (3625).